Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heavenly nails

Hey lovelies,

Revlon recently launched their Bubblegum Days Urban Nights collection, and the polish that caught my eye right away was "Heavenly".  It's very similar to the Deborah Lippman shade "Stairway to Heaven", but at a *much* more affordable price point. I picked this up at Walmart for around $4 CDN whereas Deborah Lippman polishes run around $16 per bottle.

It contains iridescent hexagonal glitter suspended in a milky white base. GORGEOUS! 

You can really see the large chunks of glitter

1 coat of Heavenly on my bare nail. Its just one of those polishes that screams "layer me!!!"

1 coat of Heavenly layered over a dark Sally Hansen polish


  1. Very pretty polish!

  2. Ahh, I'm so super jealous - your nails are so neat, healthy and just plain beautiful! they can rock ANY nail polish♥♥♥


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