Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekend recap: Lollapalooza

Hey lovelies,

Chicago was overrun with concert goers from August 3-5 when Lollapalooza came to town. For those of you not familiar with the concert, its a 3 day event jam packed with artists from all different genres. My friend and I got tickets for the Saturday show because our favorite acts were on that day (Avicii, Frank Ocean, Santigold, The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers). The day started at 11am, but due to thunderstorms, the concert got postponed until 6pm. I was disappointed because half of our day was cut short and all the acts had to be jammed into a short time span, but we were still able to catch our favorite ones. The best act by far was Frank Ocean! He's even better live than he is on his albums, so if you ever get the chance, definitely go see him in concert, it was an amazing experience.
Also, due to all the rain, the park was turned into a giant mud pit! I clearly didn't factor this into my outfit choice because I wore new white runners, and by the end of the night, they were brown and muddy. So were my legs! Yuck!
Here are some pics of the day........

My outfit:
Shorts - Forever 21
Tank - Urban Behavior
Hat - Lids
Shoes - Foot Locker

Wearing white to a mud pit was a bad idea!

The crowds were insane! So many people!

The giant mud pit, one of many there

My friend Zoric and I

Chicago is so beautiful at night!

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