Friday, December 2, 2011

Tutorial: How to depot your MAC eyeshadows (pic heavy)

Hello lovelies,
Some of you might be wondering, "what does depot mean?" and "why would you want to depot your shadows?"  Well, depot simply means to take your shadows out of their original container. The reason I wanted to depot my shadows is because I travel a lot and having all of my shadows in one compact container makes packing them much easier. I also found that I wasn't using my MAC shadows as much because they would always fall to the bottom of my makeup drawer and I felt bad for neglecting them. I felt like they were being treated like second class citizens once I got the NAKED palette, so the decision to depot was made. I should mention before I begin the tutorial that this method makes your shadows ineligible for the Back 2 MAC program.

The materials you will need: an empty palette ( I ordered mine from MAC), a flat iron, a thin knife, scissors, a pencil, tin foil, magnets (bought at Michaels), tweezers and your shadows

Open your shadow and insert the tip of the knife into the small groove right above the latch where the lids snaps on. You can see in this picture that I've already put the knife in and made the space a little bigger. It takes a bit of wiggling to pry the shadow out but it will pop out.
  This is  what the shadow looks like once you pop it out of the case.
Now you need to separate the actual pan of shadow from the plastic and this is where the flat iron comes in. Be VERY CAREFUL during this step because the pan is metal and will be very HOT! Place the plastic pan on the foil and then onto the hot flat iron. 45 seconds should be enough time to melt the glue if you set your iron to 400F. Then carefully remove the hot pan and place it face down onto a flat surface and apply pressure (with scissors) to the underside of the plastic case. The glue should be melted and you'll be able to pop the metal pan out of the case. IT'S HOT!
 This is what the plastic case will look like once you pop the shadow out. It will end up deformed which is why you can't use it for the Back 2 MAC program.

Now take the pan on shadow and trace around it on the magnet sheet. Then cut it out and stick it to the back of the shadow. The kind of magnet I bought have adhesive on the back so its like a sticker you can just peel and stick onto the back of the shadow.

This is what you should have at this point. The magnet is fixed securely to the back of the pan.

To remove the sticker on the back of the original container, simply pick at an edge of the sticker until it peels off in one piece.
Then attach the sticker to the back of the magnet and voila! You have successfully depotted your shadow! 

If you're depotting more than one shadow, make sure you keep track of each shadow to avoid mixing them up and accidentally labeling them incorrectly. Happy depotting lovelies!


  1. Your right this probably does make them ineligible for the back to mac program!! :o(

    1. nope its still can be back to mac some mua might say not buy they are suppose to take them. if a counter doesn't try a free standing store. you don't even need a metal pan. and they don't care if its melted b/c they'd melt it anyway

  2. Wow! wonderful idea!


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