Thursday, November 17, 2011

MAC Zoom Fast Black Mascara

Hello lovelies,
I received this mascara as part of the "Look in a Box" I purchased a while back at the CCO. I didn't expect much from this mascara as I'm not a big fan of MAC mascaras in general, but I was pleasantly surprised!

 Very thick formula with a tapered brush and tightly packed bristles
 One coat on my lashes (upper lashes only)
The color is VERY black and the consistency of the formula is right in-between wet and dry, possibly slightly more on the wet side. There is no strange odor as some mascaras tend to have (not to me anyways) and one coat is perfect for the daytime. Two coats give you super thick lashes but not the clumpy or spidery kind. It holds a curl pretty well, which is a feat for my straight-as-an-arrow lashes and gives good volume and length. I also haven't noticed any flaking, even after wearing it for 16 hours straight.
Overall, I think this is a fabulous mascara and give it 4.5/5. It loses 0.5 points because it doesn't hold the curl as well as I would like it to (I'm very picky about that). I will probably repurchase this, unless I find something else....I've been hearing a lot of good this about Cover Girls Lash Perfection......

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  1. i love this mascara, he makes beautiful eyelashes xx.


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