Friday, August 5, 2011

Small LUSH haul & review

Hello lovelies,
I recently discovered the LUSH store on Michigan Ave and picked up a couple of goodies, the Tiny Hands moisturizer and the Brazen Honey fresh face mask.

The tiny hands moisturizer is a solid hand cream shaped like a little hand. Its super moisturizing and gets softer with body heat as you rub it between your hands. It smells a little nutty but the smell disappears within a minute. I absolutely love this product and will re-purchase when I run out. I've had it for about two weeks now and will most likely get a months worth of use from it. I like to keep it next to my bed and use it on my hands before I go to sleep. I always wake up with soft hands and my nails and cuticles are in much better shape as well. It retails for $5.95 USD and is well worth it!

The Brazen Honey mask is from LUSH's fresh face mask collection. These are masks that you can only buy in the store (not available online) because they have to stay refrigerated. They have an expiration date of around 2 weeks from when you purchase them but always be sure to check on the bottom of the pot because I once bought one that expired a week later. The description on the mask says:
"Stimulating Ayurvedic herbs and fresh fruit juices are blended together with softening honey and ground almonds to polish skin thats in serious need of a boost."
I personally love the way this mask smells (and so does my cat) but I know some people are not fans. It smells like a mix of fennel, ginger and cardamom and feels so good on your skin. Also, the ground almond pieces are a great way to exfoliate as you wash the mask off. My only complaint about this mask is that the following day after I use it, I always have a couple of whiteheads that seem to pop up. Not sure if its because the mask has brought up dirt from deep within my pores, or my skin just doesn't like the mask. Either way, this is something I will purchase again in the future when I'm looking to "spice" up my skin care routine.

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  1. I'm obsessed with all the face masks!! Try Mask of Magnaminty it's amazing and will make you feel super refreshed


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