Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Sephora Perfection Primer

Hello lovelies,
I purchased this primer while in Dallas last November and thought its about time I review this! The primer is only $18 USD for 1oz which is almost too good to be true! When it first comes out of the tube, the primer has an almost pinky color to it and it also has a little bit of shimmer to it, but once its applied to the skin, the color and shimmer disappear.

 I really liked this primer when I was using it with my Estee Lauder double wear, because I apply that foundation with a brush.  It made my skin glow almost and the make-up lasted all day. However, now that I've switched to NARS sheer glow (which I apply with my fingers), I can no longer use this primer underneath. It starts to ball up on my face due to the friction of my fingers and my foundation looks very streaky. I think I'll save this primer for the winter months when I'm back to using my double wear. Overall, I think its a really good primer for the price, it just doesn't agree with all types of foundations.


  1. Great review! Too bad I don't have a Sephora here :( xx

  2. Nars has a great primer and it has SPF 20 in it perfect for summer foundation routines!!

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