Friday, April 8, 2011

The reason...

Hey guys!

I'm a med student with a passion for clothes, make-up & food. I'm starting this blog because I found that there was a lack of make-up tutorials and general info for girls of my skin tone (NC30 - NC40). Yes, there are some amazing blogs out there, but I feel like there's always room for more!

Hope you enjoy my postings and feedback is always welcome!


  1. Hey! I'm NC25-30 and have also noticed the lack of blogs for these colours so its great news we're doing something about it :) I've also started blogging a couple of days ago for fashion and beauty...follow me :D...btw I'm a potential medicine student too! It's good to know future doctors will look good! X

  2. Hey! I'll def check out your blog and follow back!
    Medicine is an amazing choice, just be prepared for all the hard work!


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