Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Stila Custom Color Blush in Coral

Hey lovelies,

I have been such a bad blogger lately. Lots of travelling combined with getting ready for a big move has lead to my blog falling way down to the bottom of my "to-do" list.  But fret not, I'm making up for it with lots of new product reviews coming your way! 

First up is my current favorite blush, Stila's Custom Color Blush in Coral. I love the glow this gives my cheeks and the natural looking color it provides. 

From Stila's website:

"This shade extension of the best-selling Custom Color Blush includes a hint of golden shimmer, and gives your cheeks a youthful flush. This perceptive one-shade-fits-all powder blush reacts with your skin tone to create a one of a kind customized glow perfect for you. 

The weightless powder can be layered to achieve just the right amount of color and coverage.

Key benefits:
  • No more guessing or wearing the wrong color blush
  • Reacts to the wearer's pH levels to create the perfect shade every time
  • Harmonizes with your own skin tone to enhance your natural beauty, not overwhelm it
  • Leaves skin with a luminous, flawless flush with a touch of shimmer"

The blush photographs a little on the pink side, but it really does adjust to a coral shade on the cheeks. The golden shimmer in it gives your skin a beautiful sun-kissed glow. This looks gorgeous with a tan but will also perk up fairer complexions. 

This blush is very finely milled and so pigmented. It lasts about 8 hours on my cheeks before it begins to fade.

You can find this blush at Sephora or on Stila's website and it retails for $20USD/ $26 CDN. 

What are some of your favorite summer blushes? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, March 29, 2013

What happens in Vegas......

ends up in a blog post! Well, in a PG-rated-in-case-my-mom-reads-it blog post. Sorry lovelies, the sins of Sin City shall never be mentioned!

I headed to Vegas for March Break with 3 of my besties to celebrate my belated birthday, my friend Priya's early birthday, and my graduation from medical school. While in Vegas, I would also find out if I matched into a Residency program, so we were celebrating that as well. (BTW, I matched into my first choice! YAY!)

We arrived in Vegas on Saturday night and wasted no time grabbing our luggage and making a bee-line to the hotel. We were staying at the Excalibur which is located on the Las Vegas Strip. It looks like a giant castle and has a medieval theme. With a little bit of sweet-talk during check-in, I was able to get us 2 upgraded rooms in the remodelled portion of the hotel. (Tip: If you stay at the Excalibur, try to get a room in Tower 2, all of the rooms have been re-done and are very nice).

Did I forget to mention that the Thunder From Down Under show is at the Excalibur? We may or may not have taken in a show ;)

The view from our room. New York New York was right across the street.

After quickly un-packing, we changed and headed out to find somewhere to party. We ended up at LAX which is at the Luxor hotel. Naughty by Nature was there and ended up giving an impromptu concert! My inner 90's child was in heaven!

Sorry for the blurry pic but that's Treach and Vinny!

I re-wore my birthday dress bc I love it!
Dress: Express
Belt: Aldo

The next morning I dragged the girls out of bed super early so we could hit the Strip and do some sight-seeing and shopping.

My "Vegas" strut
Dress: Winners
Hat: Forever 21
Purse: h&m
Sunglasses: Forever 21

At the Cosmopolitan Hotel

At the GIANT m&m's store
The random giant shoe inside the Cosmo

Inside the Bellagio, its like a magical garden!

On Sunday night, we headed out to Pure at Caesar's Palace. Its a gorgeous all-white club, but unfortunately, only the roof top was open and it was SUPER crowded. So we cut the night short and caused trouble elsewhere ;)

Dress: Bebe

Changed outfits as a dress wasn't wasn't a good trouble-making outfit. 

Top: Sirens
Leggings: Garage Clothing

Monday morning was another early one! At this point the girls had started wondering if they were going to get any rest on this "vacation" (no, they weren't!) Our plans for the day included visiting the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay and going to Old Vegas for the "Fremont Street Experience"

Mandatory selfie before I leave!

Top: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Forever 21

Cool chairs we found at Mandalay Bay outside the House of Blues

The Shark Reef Aquarium was BEAUTIFUL! They had so many different species of fish and a bunch of giant, scary sharks. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone visiting Vegas.

I loved this tunnel! We spent a lot of time here snapping pics.

After about an hour at the aquarium, we hopped in a cab and headed to Old Vegas for the "Fremont Street Experience".  I always wondered why they would refer to a street as an "experience", but as soon as we arrived, it was obvious. Bright lights, loud music and people dancing in the street is what greeted us as we got out of the cab. The entire street is covered by some kind of screen that plays commercials and videos as the it gets dark outside.  Souvenir shops are interspersed between some of the original Vegas casions like Binions and the Freemont Casino and street performers can be found on every corner. 

Our first order of business was zip-lining down Fremont street. I've seen it being done on so many different tv shows and its something that I have always wanted to do. So we headed over to Flightlinez located at the end of the strip and signed up for 20 seconds of adventure. 

All harnessed up and ready to fly!

The view right before you take off. Its about 6 stories up. My fear of heights was at an all-time high at this point!
Even though I was panicking as I looked down at the ground, the ride was so much fun! People on the ground were waving up at me and I got a birds-eye view of everything. Definitely something you should do if you get the chance. 

After zip lining, we headed over to The D to grab a beverage in one of those gigantic glasses. We got plenty of stares as we walked around with drink in our hands. ;)

After experiencing Fremont Street, we headed back to our hotel to grab a quick bite to eat and then head out for the night. Unfortunately, that quick bite led to food poisoning for 2 out of 4 of us, so no partying was done that night. Thankfully, we were feeling better by the following morning and hit the Vegas outlet mall for some more shopping! 

I didn't take any pictures while shopping because thats serious business for me LOL But at the end of the day, we went to a West Coast must-eat restaurant, In-N-Out burger.  
#2 meal, I wish I had one right now!
Tuesday night we headed back to Pure at Caesar's Palace because it was their anniversary party and Ke$ha was performing. She only did 2 songs but it was still awesome!

Dress: Marciano (bought it while shopping earlier that day)
Shoes: Bakers
Accessories: Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe
Clutch: Aldo

The next morning, I woke up extra early (as usual) and headed straight for the pool because it was HOT that day and I was determined to come back to cold Canada with a tan! I rented a pool side cabana for the day and it was awesome! It came stocked with snacks and drinks as well as a flat screen tv. Best way to spend the day relaxing!

Our sweet cabana

What I would give to be pool-side again!

Wednesday night was our last night there, so we headed to Chateau at the Paris hotel. The rooftop was open and its one of the most beautiful clubs I have ever been to! Feels like you're in Paris partying under the Eifel Tower!

Dress: Forever 21
Clutch: Aldo
Sandals: from India 
(Side note: I had to wear flats because I sprained my ankle pretty badly the night before wearing the 5" platforms. That obviously didn't stop me from partying tho!)

The view at Chateau

The Bellagio was across the street so you could watch the fountains dance while at Chateau

View of the Cosmopolitan Hotel from Chateau

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy birthday to ME!

Hey lovelies,

I'm a big believer in the saying "You are only as old as you feel", so a couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my 25th birthday with some of my best girlfriends. Now I know what you're all thinking, "25?! She doesn't look a day over 21!" and to that I reply, "thank you my sweet loves" LOL ;)

We went to Terroni's on Adelaide Street in Toronto for some traditional Italian fare. I booked our reservation a couple of weeks in advance and we were able to score a secluded seating area tucked away in the basement of the restaurant surrounded by bottles of wine and exposed brick walls. Very cozy.

It was like being in our own little cave

Dress: Express
Belt: Aldo (a few years old)
Earrings: h&m
Ring: forever 21
Bracelets: h&m

"They really think I'm 25! hahaha" 

* I took the pics with my phone and digital camera so thats why they look different*

Have any of you dined at Terroni's? If not, I would highly recommend it! They have a couple of locations in Toronto, so check it out next time you're in the city!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

They're real! I swear!

Ladies and gentleman, my name is Mariam, and I am a mascara whore. I switch up my mascara like I have 10 sets of eyes that all have different needs! What can I say, I'm a sucker for marketing!

The newest mascara from Benefit pulled me right in with the catchy name "They're Real!" and promises of long, voluminous, separated lashes that stay curled.

"This mascara features an exclusive brush specially designed to maximize the performance of the long-wearing glossy formula, revealing lashes you never knew you had! Staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The precision bristles on the custom-domed tip lift, define, and curl, even your tiniest lashes. The end result is luxurious, silky lashes that won't smudge, clump, or dry you out. " (taken from

The spiky bristles at the end of the brush are so great for getting those tiny lashes at the end of your eyes. Its what sold me on this mascara because I haven't been able to properly curl those lashes and add mascara to them my whole life!

 The formula of the mascara was neither thick nor thin, and the brush grabbed onto my lashes extremely well which resulted in minimal clumps with 2 coats. My lashes stayed curled all day long, even through a major sweat session at the gym! There was also no fallout under my eyes the whole time I wore it (around 8-9 hours).

Left eye has 1 coat, right eye is bare

Left eye has 1 coat, right eye is bare

2 coats on both eyes

2 coats on both eyes

2 coats on both eyes

I definitely noticed added length to my lashes, but the volume left something to be desired. Maybe if I combined this with my Clump Crusher, I would have the ultimate combo! That is, until a new mascara hits the market!

Have any of you lovelies tried this mascara out? Let me know in the comments below!

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